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May 7, 2016 @ 10:21pm


I tend to pick up a new interest, focus on it for a while, and then move into other forms of creativity. I have been a writer, an app developer, an interior designer, now mostly a photographer. It's been 3 years since I started making photographs everyday. Hence, the one interest I have been most consistent with. Maybe this is it! I will photograph anything, but I am most drawn to photos of people. All my street photos are candid. If required, I'll ask for permission, but only after the photo is on my memory card.

The moment I clock out of my engineering job, I transform into an artist. I love the unpredictability of street photography; it allows for freedom, creativity and imagination.


Anywhere. I usually prefer big cities or at least the downtown core. More people usually means more action in any given radius. So far, I have shot street only in Canada – Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal.  When I was in Toronto last year, I was completely blown away by the amount of people on the streets - having shot exclusively in Calgary.  I learned the importance of crafting my technique based on the amount of 'action' going on.

Most of the photographs I have taken so far have been on Stephen’s Ave in Calgary’s downtown core. It is a gorgeous street (in the day or night).  It is also one of a few streets in the city where I can run into a pedestrian without having to walk for more than 30secs.



All my street photos are candid – if required, I'd ask for permission, but only after the photo is on my memory card.

I never know in advance what I’m going to shoot. Not having a preconceived idea has been a part of my process. So when I’m out shooting, I react to whatever calls my attention. When I try to create specific images, I find that it stalls my creativity and the process does not feel as exciting or spontaneous. Although I always capture what I see, my photos are not always what they appear (like any street photo). I like to be able to turn a scene into a different reality.

Over time, I am noticing unplanned themes emerge from my work.



I love the unpredictability of street photography - it allows for freedom, creativity and imagination. In a world of tech and constant distraction, street photography makes me alert to situations I would usually ignore. Other reasons I love street photography:

  1. It makes me happy and free – I am able to forget about myself and just be out there.
  2. It makes me feel a special connection to the place I'm shooting. I feel myself soaking up more of the essence of the place, the people and the culture than if I just walked through.
  3. My interest in people drives me to grab my camera. For one, it opens up more opportunities to meet new people. It also allows me to observe the social relationship between friends and strangers.
  4. I am addicted to photography.
  5. It is satisfying to capture a moment where a viewer connects and the photo means something to them.

You can also reach Funeh for events, portrait and urban photographs.